Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Steam engine park in Haapamaki / El parque de locomotora de vapor en Haapamaki

In English:

Steam engine park in Haapamaki.

This steam locomotive park is about 306 kilometers / 190 miles to the North of Helsinki. There are plenty of steam locomotives to be admired and there are 14 different styles of them.

En español:

El parque de locomotora de vapor en Haapamaki.

Este parque de locomotora se halla en aproximadamente 306 kilómetros /190 millas al norte de Helsinki. Hay muchas locomotoras de vapor para ser admiradas y hay 14 estilos diferentes de ellas.

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More trains / Más trenes:

Railway Museum in Hyvinkaa / Museo ferroviario en Hyvinkaa


Rajesh said...

Beautiful snaps. That is really huge variety of steam engines in one place.

Carrizo said...

Hi Rajesh.

You are right. Those people who love steam engines come to visit all around the world this park and Railway museum in Hyvinkää also. Two years ago when I was visiting there there was a group from Germany. This time Steam Engine Museum was just opened after winter.

Have a nice day.

George said...

There are certainly a wide variety of steam engines in this park, and you did a wonderful job of capturing them.

Carrizo said...

Hi George.

I think that to maintain these steam engines which are part of our recent history, are better that if they were sold to iron junk collectors.

The problem is who shall maintain them in good condition and here the former Olympic Medalist solved this problem by establishing this cool Steam Engine Park of his own.

Thank You for Your comment.

juan quintero said...

Veo que en Finlandia tienen muchos museos. Las fotografias como siempre muy bonitas, nos permiten conocer el lugar a traves de ellas. Un abrazo amigo Carrizo.

Carrizo said...

Hola JUan.

Muchas gracias por tu visita "en mi pais" atraves mis fotos. Tienes razón si uno habla de museos. Ayer visité en una museo muy interessante, pero no lo digo más en este momento.

Un abrazo amigo.

Michael Child said...

You may find this post on the beginning of restoration of the last ocean going steam tug of interest.

Click here link in post to pictures.